Copy Your Songs From Your iPod or iPhone with Senuti

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AO wants to know what is the best way to copy your songs from your iPod or iPhone back onto your computer. Why would you want to do this? The most common reason is that if you have not previously backed up your iTunes library, your iPod may be the only place you can find your music in the event of a hard drive crash. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow you to copy the files back to your computer. Instead, you’ll need extra software.

If there is only one application you download to get the job done, I recommend Senuti. Senuti has been developed for years and can retrieve songs from all models of iPods and iPhones. The interface is pretty slick:

As late as the middle of 2008, Senuti was free. Now, however, the application costs $18.99 after a 30-day trial period. That should give you a long-enough trial to make sure Senuti does everything you need. One of the great features is the blue dot next to the song. If there’s a blue dot, that means the song is in your library, and if it’s missing, then you know it’s only on your iPod. When you have thousands of songs in your library and on your iPod, that makes it easy to sort which songs to copy back over.

Transferring Purchased Content Without Senuti

One nice feature that is now in iTunes is the ability to transfer purchased content from an iPod/iPhone without other software. You simply go the File menu and select Transfer Purchases from iPod. As long as your computer is authorized to play the music on the iPod, those songs/videos (and only those purchased songs/videos) will be transferred to your computer.

Do you have better advice for transferring your songs from your iPod back to your Mac? Prefer different software? Let others know in the comments section.

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